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Mission, Vision, and Values


What we are here for:

The mission of the External Resources Office is to promote funding opportunities in order to instill interest and engage the academic community in active participation in the search of alternative means of funding for investigative research and projects, and , thereby, contribute to knowledge expansion and to constant institutional renewal and development.


What we look forward to:

The External Resources Office (ERO) will become the core, influential source of external funding and resources opportunities for the advancement of knowledge and enhancement of research endeavors, which in turn will increment institutional sustainability, expansion, and self -reliance.  


What we base our actions on:

The External Resources Office (ERO) bases its mission and actions on five core values. These values frame our making decisions, contribute to the general atmosphere of the office and institution in general, and guide its members in the pursuit of its vision and goals.

  • Integrity: solid work ethics in practice and in research, maintaining a high level of professionalism, quality, and excellence in all endeavors.
  • Creativity: a thirst for discovery, innovation, posing novel ideas for constant creation and recreation of knowledge and practices.
  • Sustainability: contributions in developing the quality of life for our communities- internal and external- by playing a prominent role in its social, environmental, and economic issues, present and future.
  • Continuous Transformation: incessant steps and actions in fostering professional growth, institutional change and progress by adapting, adopting, and shifting mindsets and processes.
  • Determination: unwavering desire to respond to challenges and to pursue and succeed in attaining milestones, goals, and vision.
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