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Goals and Objectives

The Goals and Objectives here stated are based on a number of sources that uphold the existence and need for an External Resources Office (ERO), and shed light on its direction and evolution for the next three years. Documents such as “10x10” UPR Systemic Strategic PlanUPRA Strategic Plan 2008 - 2011, and - “Modelo para el Desarrollo del Centro de Investigacion y Creacion (CIC) de la Universidad de Puerto Rico en Arecibo” have provided the framework and focus for the External Resources Office for 2008-2011. Furthermore, it incorporates the current administrative perspective, reflecting the on-going search for novel ideas and initiatives in which the present academic community may have particular interest in pursuing.

These goals and objectives will serve to provide stewardship in the execution of activities and actions that innovate and renovate investigative, academic”, and creative endeavors carried out at University of Puerto Rico Arecibo. The following three main goals and corresponding objectives direct the focus, efforts, and the decision making actions taken in the subsequent three academic years: 2008 - 2009, 2009 – 2010, 2010 - 2011.



Establish a fully functional External Resources Office capable of securing funds from diverse sources so as to sustain a robust research/ academic mission and orientation at the University of Puerto Rico - Arecibo.

  1. Create a robust administrative structure.
  2. Build office capacity: technology and infrastructure/architecture.
  3. Establish a high profile- image, visibility within the internal and external community.
  4. Incorporate on-going and yearly management evaluation of office procedures practices and/or activities.
  5. Enable technical support in application submission and in required documentation matters.
  6. Serve as a liaison between external funding agencies,
  7. Ensure seamless collaborations between researcher, institution, and funding agency, and
  8. Oversee compliance with Federal, island, and institutional requirements in funding matters.

Increment the quantity and variety of proposals developed, sent, and approved by agencies/ funding sources so that grant/proposal writing and submission become the on-going standard for incrementing institutional sustainability and self reliance.

  1. Develop and expand networking contacts /lobbying funding availability 
  2. Engage members from the academic community in securing external funding Participant in varied funding opportunities
  3. Communicate funding opportunities intensively and extensively through out the academic community
  4. Promote funding search in priority areas as reflected in the institutional strategic plan
  5. Encourage faculty members to pursue investigative curiosities, initiatives, and designs.
  6. Enable technical support in submitting and in developing required documentation.
  7. Provide grant writing assistance.

Assist in establishing “an organizational-academic culture” that fosters and supports the search for and acquisition of external funds, which will impact the quality of grant writing generated and, in turn, assure awards.

  1. Demystify the grant writing process.
  2. Provide support in developing and writing proposals.
  3. Assist in scouting and determining viable sources for funding opportunities
  4. Offer guidance and advice in planning and submission.
  5. Coach academic members in the process of soliciting external funds.
  6. Provide trainings and up-dating sessions in grant writing issues.
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