FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What’s the first thing to do to get a proposal started?
  2. Who writes the proposal?
  3. Who has to approve your proposal intention/ design?
  4. What is typically included in Direct Costs?
  5. What are Indirect Costs?
  6. Who determines Indirect Costs?
  7. What are “In- Kind” funds?
  8. What is SPOC?
  9. Does a PI/ PD have to fill out a SPOC document (Junta de Planificación de PR)?
  10. What is an IRB (Institutional Review Board) and when does it intervene?
  11. Why is a Letter of Intention requested?
  12. Does a Letter of Intention need institutional approval?
  13. Which are the compliance issues investigators must be aware of?
  14. Once I receive the “Face Award Sheet” / “Award Notification”, what do I do?